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The Big Jeezley Eagle Watch Campaign(click here to donate)

The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (CWRC) is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife so that they can be returned to the wild.We specialize in raptors, large birds of prey, especially bald eagles.In 2013, after 6 years of planning and fund raising we built a dedicated facility so that these birds could relearn to fly after being sick or injured. We call this building “The Big Jeezley”.The facility is not open to the public in order to provide the animals the best possible chances for a successful return to the wild. Seeing and hearing people close by is very stressful for wild animals. Stress can hinder their recovery and, if they become accustomed to human interaction, the animals would not be releasable. We want to share the work we do with people because part of our mandate is education and, honestly, “The Big Jeezley” is a really cool building. Seeing eagles flying inside, on their way to recovery, is a beautiful and rewarding experience.

With good quality cameras we can remotely monitor the patients in our care and observe what they are doing when we are not present. This will help us assess their recovery and needs better. In order to share this with you we want to provide a live video stream so that you too can watch the eagles as they recover. To provide good quality video requires good quality cameras – equipment such as the Axis Q3709-PVE or AXIS M50 series.

Cameras such as these would provided super sharp images of the eagles as the rehabilitate in our centre.

We are funded by donations and fundraising, which goes directly to helping the animals. The centre is run by volunteers. This Generosity campaign is to raise the funds needed for this project.

If you love eagles and would like to see them close up as we try to make them better please support this campaign. You could potentially watch video like this live.

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