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The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre  has been serving Nova Scotia for nearly 20 years. We have helped thousands of injured and orphaned Nova Scotia wildlife receive the care they needed to get them back on their feet for release in the wild. We are fully permitted to rehabilitate all bird species, amphibians, reptiles, and some small mammals. Our special expertise in the rehabilitation of raptors has gained international recognition. We have the only continuous flight centre for rehabilitating large raptors in Canada, and we are one of only four such facilities in all of North America. 

We are a small, grassroots organization, and we depend entirely on public support. The funds raised from all of our fundraising efforts go directly back to wildlife care. Our goals for fundraising at this time include:

  • Everyday supplies for the daily care and husbandry of wildlife

  • New outdoor enclosure(s) - we had the exciting opportunity to work with the Dalhousie University on a conceptual project in 2020, and we would love to see their design come to life in 2021 - stay tuned for more information! 

  • Updating our existing buildings 

  • New indoor enclosures


All of us here at the CWRC thank you for your generous support!




We could not manage without the support of our generous and loyal donors. Thank you to all those who contribute. We know there are many charities you could choose, and we really appreciate you choosing to support CWRC and the wildlife in our care.

Donate Through CanadaHelps

CWRC CanadaHelps profile

We recommend CanadaHelps as it allows you to get an email receipt immediately. If you create an account with CanadaHelps, you can log in at any time to access your charitable donation receipts or manage your giving. You can also got straight to our online donation form on CanadaHelps.

Donate Through PayPal

CWRC PayPal link

You can donate directly to the CWRC through PayPal.

To receive a charitable donation receipt for PayPal donations, please include your full mailing address. Receipts will be issued for all donations of $20 or more with a complete address and for donations less than $20 by request. 

Donate by Cheque

You can donate by making a cheque payable to the “Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre” and mailing it to:

Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

2220 Irwin Lake Road

RR #1, Brookfield

Nova Scotia

B0N 1C0

Donate by eTransfer

You can donate by eTransfer to Please include your full name and email address in the notes or in a separate email in order to get a receipt.

Donate by Phone or on Site

We can accept credit card donations by phone and we can accept cash, cheque, and credit card donations on site. We are not open to the public for wildlife viewing and we have a small staff, so please call to pre-arrange on-site donations. 

United Way Workplace Campaign


Did you know that you can donate to CWRC through the United Way Workplace Campaign? Simply list CWRC as your designated charity and provide our Charitable Registration Number:

89583 7912 RR0001


Our Wishlist

Our Wish List

The CWRC uses a number of items on a regular basis, and donations of these items are just as important as monetary donations. 

Our donors make our work possible, and we are deeply grateful.

Amazon Wishlist

We set up our Amazon wishlist to make it easy to donate a particular item.

CWRC's Amazon wish list

Food Items

As you can imagine, it takes a LOT of food to keep hungry mouths full. Food items are always gladly accepted and put to good use. Items such as eggs, plain yogurt, fresh and frozen fruit, fresh and frozen whole fish, shrimp, seeds, suet, and timothy hay are appreciated. Ziploc bags are used to store food products.

Housing and Bedding

Every critter that comes into care requires an enclosure with appropriate bedding. The CWRC accepts items that can help keep each enclosure as clean and comfortable as possible. Items such as towels, sheets, blankets, pillowcases and newspapers (no flyers please) are used regularly for smaller enclosures. Soft sided, collapsible play pens and reptariums can also be utilized for housing. Heated water bowls, tip-proof shallow dog dishes and other small dishes are also appreciated. Large tree limbs, shrubbery and fresh cut brush can  be used to mimic a patient's natural environment. Corrugated plastic greenhouse panels, hardware cloth and astroturf is used for general maintenance and repairs to existing enclosures.

Cleaning Supplies

Constant cleaning is a big job at the CWRC and for a variety of very good reasons. Unscented laundry detergent, clear garbage bags, paper towels and Dawn dishwashing detergent are just a few of the everyday items that the CWRC uses. These items are always appreciated!

Office Supplies

Operating a registered charity and multiple public outreach campaigns require a lot of administrative work, including paperwork. Printer paper, envelopes, and postage stamps are always a great donation and certainly put to good use.

Gift Cards

The CWRC frequently purchases supplies from the following stores and always appreciates donations in the form of a gift card:

  • Home Hardware

  • Kent

  • Walkers

  • Canadian Tire

  • Sobeys

  • Superstore

  • Shurgain

  • Coop Farm Store

  • Staples

  • Home Depot

  • Gas cards (any major brand - used for wildlife releases, which require larger vehicles and can be far away when returning wildlife to their original territory)



Our Shop

Visit our new on-line store on our website! In addition to products sold directly by CWRC, there is a link to additional merchandise available through our RedBubble store. 


Safe Release Sites

Safe Release Sites

We are always looking for wildlife friendly release areas. If you own property that you think might be suitable or have some suggestions for safe release areas please let us know. We make every effort to return animals near to where they were found. Sometimes this is not possible due to habitat destruction or other hazards and the next best option is suitable habitat where they might thrive.

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