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On Wednesday the CWRC along with AVC Wildlife Service and Maritime Electric in Borden, Prince Edward Island worked together to safely remove an eaglet from its nest. The nest was built on a high voltage transmission tower and was causing problems with the electrical grid on the island. The nest was also in danger of catching fire putting the birds and the tower at risk.

Maritime Electric de-energized the power lines so we could safely work around them Dr. Dave McRurer, Wildlife Health Specialist with Parks Canada and Adjunct Professor with the Atlantic Veterinary College, was hoisted the 25m (80 feet) to the nest in a boom truck. The Eaglet was carefully removed from the nest and transported to AVC Wildlife Service in Charlottetown where it will spend he next few days being assessed.

Once it is give a good bill of health it will be transferred to CWRC who will raise it until it is ready to be returned to the wild. Great team work all round to make the best outcome in a dangerous situation.

This bird will be with us for a while and could use your support to return to the wild. Please make a donation to help us continue the work we do protecting wildlife. Donate Here

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