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Thanks to the Good Robot Brewing Company and their community minded GoodWill Bot fundraising program the CWRC received a $452 donation. GoodWill Bot takes place on Mondays at the brewery located at 2736 Robie Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Throughout the day a dollar from every pint sold goes towards a registered charity.

The big day for the CWRC was August 29th and was perfect weather wise allowing supporters to use the outdoor beer garden to chat, play a few games (Hip-Flip anyone?) and enjoy some beautifully delicious craft beer.

We’d like to say a big thank you to GoodRobot Brewing Co and their fantastic staff for supporting our cause and providing a great venue for everyone to enjoy a pint while learning about wildlife.

A huge thank you to our volunteers and staff, Emma, Martha, Brenda, Jordanna and Helene for making the event run smoothly. Thank you to Jessica for minding the animals at the centre while we were all away.

A special thanks to Jordanna who helped raise $200 of the total with her pet parrot Alfie. Alfie posed for selfies and entertained everyone in the beer garden.


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