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On Jan 20th 2016 we received a call about an injured eagle that had been found unconscious in a pool of blood near Milford, Nova Scotia. When it arrived at our centre we were expecting the worst a probable hit by car with multiple fractures and an eventual euthanasia.

When the bird arrived it was in rough shape. I had a slit beak and multiple abrasions on its face and feet. There was dried blood in its feathers blood in its mouth. It also had a tear in both corneas. The bird was stabilized so that we could transport it to the clinic for x-rays, a thorough exam which can only be done under anesthesia, give it fluids, pain medication, test its blood for lead and any other treatment required.

There were no major breaks to bones of the wings on the x-rays but we did see a fractured shoulder blade. The bird was very lucky to be alive and to escape with relatively few injuries. She was returned to the centre where her rehabilitation began.

Seven months later she was flying well and strongly in our large raptor building, “The Big Jeezley” and ready to be returned to the wild. On August 13, 2016 she was returned to the area she was found, her territory and released. She flew confidently and quickly away. Good luck beautiful bird!

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