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The Big Jeezley

The large raptor flyway at the CWRC is unique in Canada. It is the only continuous oval flyway of its kind in the country.


This design permits our eagle patients to fly as much as their current flight condition allows. The height and width of the flyway provides plenty of room for the birds to climb, descend and even turn around.


The Big Jeezley, as we like to call it, allows us to be certain that an eagle can fly well and with confidence before returning it to the wild.

We planned and fundraised for over six years before construction started. The building sits on a foundation of 70 concrete piers. The flyway is 4.88m (16') wide by 4.88m (16') high. The circumference is approximately 73.2m (240'). There is a central core that houses 5 smaller enclosures that provide additional space to rehabilitate our patients.

The building was constructed in 2013 and since that time many eagles have regained their flight strength and been successfully returned to the wild.

You can observe our patients as they progress through their care by viewing our live camera feeds we use to observe them remotely. Watch as they grow stronger on their journey back to the wild!

Eagle Cams

Eagle Cams

Eagle Cam 1

Sponsored by Kohltech Windows and Entrances

Eagle Cam 2

Sponsored by Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Eagle Cam 3

Eagle Cam 4

Eagle Cam 5

Eagle Cam 6

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