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Jamie, Angela and Garnet were harvesting clams near Moose Island, on the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia when they saw something unusual swimming in the water, a mature bald eagle.

The eagle was found halfway between Moose Island and the mainland shore.

It was exhausted and in need of help. We suspect the eagle went after a fish in the water and was unable to lift it or somehow ended up in the water unable to escape.

Garnet, with the help of Jamie and Angela managed to scoop the eagle out of the water on to their boat.

The Department of Natural Resources was contacted and the eagle was transferred to them who then brought it to the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. (

One footed bald eagle takes flight upon return to the wild.

The eagle was examined and seemed over all in good health. We tested her blood for lead, it was negative. Her feet were in excellent condition considering her injury. No broken bones, good weight just very exhausted but to our surprise she was missing all the toes on her right foot. This was highly unusual.

We decided to keep her overnight and test fly her in the Big Jeezley, our large raptor building the next morning.

Seeing that the eagle could fly we decided to return her to the wild as soon as possible. She would likely have a mate and babies in a nest.

Thank you to Jamie & Angela Corbett and Garnet Gouchie who saved this bird from drowning.

This is one tough eagle living with a disability who deserved a second chance.

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