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Spring Babies!

Nothing says spring in Atlantic Canada like grey skies, muddy boots… and baby wildlife!! We were not able to do our usual farmer’s market baby shower, so we are giving a virtual shower a go. There are more ways than ever to help as so many transition their services online. Here is our handy dandy guide to helping out during Baby Season! Donate Daily Supplies: We’ve rustled up a wish-list of baby supplies on . You can choose supplies to help feed babies, provide learning/enrichment opportunities, or help to keep cages and the nursery sparkly clean and fresh! Wish-List Support local businesses by donating gift-cards. Each week, we make multiple trips to grocery stores, feed stores, markets, hardware stores, and garden centers. We can make good use of any gift card! From buying fresh food for the animals, to picking up supplies for our enclosures; local businesses could use the boost and we can use their wares! Many businesses can provide electronic gift cards, or you can mail one in.

The work we do would not be possible without your support. Thank you so much for supporting our work in rehabilitating Nova Scotia’s wildlife and in bringing cooperation and learning opportunities to people.

To donate directly just click here

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