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This snapping turtle was found injured on the road near Brookfield, NS. It had a seriously fractured shell and was bleeding. X-rays showed a fractured pelvis but no broken limbs.

The shell was stabilized using external stainless steel brackets that were epoxied to the shell on either side of the fractures.

She was also over wintered because she would not have been healthy enough to return to the wild before winter set in and she would miss hibernation.

After months of rehabilitation she was returned to the wild yesterday.

Turtles often cross roads to get to nesting areas. If you see one on the road you can help prevent injuries by moving it off the road in the direction it was heading. Be careful with snapping turtles as they can bite. You can encourage them to move by gently nudging them from behind with a stick, broom or shovel. They have quite a reach with their necks so stay well away from their front end.

She was also featured in our annual calendar this year.

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