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Bird Tape

For our 20th Anniversary we want your support to

reduce window strikes for our beautiful birds.

We’ve noticed an increase of birds coming in after colliding with windows and an alarming increase of window strike raptors.


We’ve partnered with Collidescape to introduce High performance BirdTape™. Designed to reduce bird/glass collisions while preserving our view of the outdoors. While fun and decorative, decals on the window are just not as effective as a product such as this one, specifically designed to greatly reduce collisions.


PROBLEM: Collisions are most commonly caused by the reflective characteristics of glass. Because glass reflects the environment around it, birds do not recognize it as a barrier. The birds see the reflected environment, such as trees and sky, and collide with the glass assuming it is a clear flight path. Any window, large or small can be a killer.

Birds are frequently killed in these collisions or are stunned, only to die of internal injuries later.


SOLUTION: Collidescape High-Performance BirdTapetm adheres to the exterior glass surface of a window. In addition to spacing each strip no more than 4" apart, thousands of small perforations in the tape allow ample light to pass through the window to the interior, while reducing reflections and transparency - the two characteristics that cause birds to collide with windows.


COST: In spite of our need to be constantly fundraising (donation options linked below) , this product is priced to cover our costs to make it affordable for you to help prevent wildlife injuries and deaths.

BirdTape is designed to:

  • Reduce bird/glass collisions while preserving our view of the outdoors

  • Be perceived as spider webs, causing birds to avoid the window

  • Apply easily to the exterior of clean windows in vertical or horizontal patterns no more than 4" apart

  • Treat 3-5, 24" x 32" windows with each 40' roll

Find out how many rolls you need here.

Education and prevention are an important part of our Mission and this is where together we can make a difference in reducing wildlife death and injury.

Cost is $20 per roll, shipped anywhere in Canada.


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