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This little guy is a weasel. He was probably only a few hours old when he was grabbed, injured and orphaned by a free roaming pet cat. He was so small his eyes were not even opened yet and could fit with room to spare on the palm of your hand.

He had some deep puncture wounds which are a concern considering the trauma to developing organs, the pain they inflict and the potential for fatal infection.

He was provided professional veterinary care at the CWRC by Dr. Van Doninck. He was given fluids, antibiotics and pain medication after his initial exam. Since his admission to the centre he has improved steadily and grown into a healthy juvenile weasel. His prospects for release into the wild are very good.

He was moved recently from our intensive care unit to a custom made enclosure located in a shaded and wooded area. Here he will be protected until he has acclimatized to the sounds, sights and temperatures of the outdoors. Once he is ready to go he will be soft released from this location. He will likely return to this familiar safe haven for food for the first little while but as he gains experience and explores his new domain he will eventually not return.

He was nicknamed Ronald Weasel-y by Dr. Van Doninck after the character Ronald Weasley from the Harry Potter series. Naturally his new domicile was called “The Burrow” for the same reason.

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